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Security Services in Chennai

Best Security Services in chennai

We RDS Business Services, the best security agency in Chennai, an ISO 9001: 2015 certified Security Company which is gleaming across Tamil Nadu having offices in Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy and other Locations with a huge industries experience. It is our hard work and commitment that we have gained we have expertise in training and motivating the security guards to perform the job efficiently. Furthermore, we are licensed under the Private Security Agencies Regulation Act, 2005 and 2008 (PSARA), with rich experience gained over a period of years assisted by an able team of officers drawn from ex-army, Police and IT intellectuals. We are also having an association with CAPSI.
RDS Security Services Chennai is a unique equipped with advance expertise in the field of security to ensure safety and protected environment in industrial and commercial establishments our security guards.

Our Security Services provides an exceptional service to a large and diverse client base. We strive in delivering exceptional customer service and exceeding our customers’ expectations.
Our Unique integrated business model has been proven to work flawlessly by demonstrating huge benefits to properties especially where there is both security and site maintenance team interacting with each other and after supplying round the clock presence and being in effect the eyes and ears.

Long-term Business Relationship with Quality-Conscious Customers

Our true achievement is our clientele and all customers are important to us. We have served numerous organizations irrespective of their level of operations i.e. small, medium, or large scale. We are proud to be the partners of renowned companies in economy, including, Trimble technologies, One Plus showrooms, and more. We have not only acquired them but also successfully retained them for over one decade.

Hospital and Industrial Security Services

You run a hospital or an industrial unit, and security is one of your topmost concerns. You need a security service that can meet your expectations and safeguard your valuable assets. 

At RDS, one of the best security services in Chennai, we understand the unique security challenges that hospitals and industrial units face. Our guards are trained to be helpful in safeguarding the assets of your factory, and they’re very effective in controlling entry and exit at any hospital or IT company. Currently, we’re serving many top IT companies in and around Chennai, and our security force has the potential to meet your expectations. You can trust RDS Security Services Chennai to keep everything running smoothly throughout the day while safeguarding your valuable assets. 

Security services in Chennai

Corporate Security Services

You’re a business owner who wants to secure your office building in Chennai. You have important client meetings and confidential information that you need to protect, but you don’t have the expertise or resources to implement a comprehensive security plan. You’re concerned about the safety of your employees and the potential for theft or other security breaches. What can you do? 

Being the best security agency in Chennai, we understand the importance of maintaining a safe and secure work environment. Our team of highly trained security guards is equipped to handle such situations with ease. From monitoring the premises under camera surveillance to responding quickly in case of an emergency, our guards ensure maximum security while maintaining a friendly work ambiance. You can focus on your work with peace of mind, knowing that your office is in good hands with us. 

Residential and Institutional Security Services

You’re worried about the safety of your residential complex or institutional building, especially in the absence of proper security measures. 

We provide top-notch security services in Chennai for residential and institutional buildings that cater to all your safety needs. Our experienced security guards are trained to monitor the premises round the clock, utilizing advanced technologies like closed-circuit television (CCTV) to monitor elevators and hallways. We also provide simple yet effective security measures like exterior lighting and alarms for houses or small apartment buildings. With RDS, you can rest assured that your residential or institutional property is in safe hands. 

Security Services in Chennai
Security services in Chennai

Commercial Security Services

You’re running a business, but security concerns are taking up too much of your time and energy. You need a reliable and efficient security service that can help you focus on your business. 

RDS Security Services offers an unparalleled commercial security service in Chennai that takes care of all your security concerns. Our professional and experienced staff can manage small as well as large processes in a professional and effective manner. With us, you can focus on your business, free from security concerns, knowing that your premises are monitored under camera surveillance and prompt actions are taken to protect your assets. 

Safe, reliable, innovative customer driven Solutions.

We provide 24/7 security services in Chennai on day,12 Hr basis with affordable competitive tariffs.

Well Equipped Guarding Services

We provide the best security services in Chennai around the clock with affordable competitive tariffs with basic benefits to the employee under EPF, employees insurance, work norms etc.
Our team is headed by an eminent intellectual having rich experience in providing security services and handling of multi level industries and establishments with well educated guards having excellent track records.

Security Services in Chennai
Security services in Chennai

Elite Guard Security Services

Elite Guard Security (EGS) is a security corporation offering an extensive line of security and personal protection services.
The quality of security services we bring to your environment begins long before you see our security guards. Our Security Guards are trained, alert, and professional. We provide a visible, attentive, and deterrent to vandalism and theft.

Event Guards/ Bouncers Services

We offer Event Bouncers Service to serve your events smoothly. Our Event Security Services are available to secure your events in all regions of India. Our trained and disciplined event bouncers are capable to secure your important events. We are well trained Security Agency in Chennai, TamilNadu, offering event bouncer service for handling all kind of events. Our Event Guards are smart, focused, physically and mentally fit bouncers to maintain the standard of security services.

Any event conducted on a large scale would require the assistance of event bouncers to keep the plan as per order. Event security has evolved over the years with improvement in physical security protocols combined with technological advances. RDS Business Services Event Security crews come fully equipped with trained, skilled and licensed event bouncers recognized as among the best event security services.

Security Services in Chennai
Security Services in Chennai

Personal Bodyguard Services / VIP Escorts Services

We provide VIP Security Protection to Celebrities, Politicians, Dignitaries, Chairman & Managing Director of the company and families with high profile status.
We specialized in Corporate Security, Executive Protections, Personal Bodyguard Services, Personal Security Guard Services, Personal Protection Security Services, Celebrity Escort Services and Escort Services for the VIP’s.
Individuals with high net worth and valuable assets require a safe and guaranteed protection with privacy and confidentiality. They are most important to our economy as they account for the maximum percent of country’s wealth and they require personal protection for various reasons.
We have a proven track record of providing Bodyguards Services and Celebrity Escorts with utmost professionalism.
We give formally trained Personal Bodyguards and Escorts having an analytical approach to manage mitigating risks for high profile clients.

Fire Drill & Evacuation Services

We are Provide training and maintenance of guidelines and procedures aimed to assure the safety of every individual. Schedule and manage fire alarm and fire protection system testing and inspection.
Protect university buildings and grounds while complying with codes and standards adopted by local, state and federal regulatory agencies.

Security Services in Chennai
Security Services in Chennai

Front Office & Reception Services

Our Front Desk Executive and Telephone Receptionists are there to make a great first impression for you each and every time. We employ only the best of the best telephone receptionists and front desk Executive, all who will wow your clients with courteous professionalism every day. We are offering world class telephone answering and greeting service based on your specific queries, our executives are polite and knowledgeable. We can help you maintain your personal calendar to keep you on track with your busy schedule.

Our Front Desk Executive understands the importance of a great first impression. The Executive will welcome your guests and announce them in your elegant Reception Area. Setting up meetings and Conference Rooms to your specifications, arranging catering services, Scheduling and confirming appointments, Obtaining and setting up audio/visual equipment, Making travel arrangements, Sorting and holding mail, Shipping and receiving packages, Researching and recommending services like restaurants and hotels, Maintaining your personal calendar to keep your busy schedule on track.

Our Training Process of Security Personnel

We are pledged to offer the best security services at the cost-effective prices, thereby satisfying maximum clients. Our services are not just limited to providing our clients with a well-trained security staff but also to ensure that our appointed personnel are delivering the expected services. For the purpose of quality control, we regularly analyze our clients’ feedback and carry out day and night checks.
In addition to this, we also keep our security guards updated with all the latest information of the sector for advancement of their services. We emphasize on the customer reviews as they also help us to support our servicemen financially. In simple words, security guards who get positive feedback from customers are eligible for incentives.

Security Services in Chennai
Security Services in Chennai

Types of Training

The basic training methodology had been designed as per the PSARA 2005 and 2008. Basic trainings are imparted to the guards with Grooming, Physical Drill, crowd control, Crisis response and Disaster Management of registers, First Aid, Fire Fighting, handling of systems , Securing the assets. Visitor Management, Key Management, Business Continuity Plans, Evacuation Drills, Fire Panel Systems, Access Control Systems, CCTV Monitoring, handling Metal Detectors, Collection of intelligence etc,.

Onsite training shall be organized once in a month to ensure that the personnel are totally acquainted with the client’s security systems and procedures.
We train our security guards for 6 days. Our training rooms are equipped with state of the art security and training equipment e.g. metal detectors, fire extinguishers, and LCD projectors. Our training has been converted into PowerPoint format and is delivered through LCD projector. Each and every security guard has to pass a certification exam end of the training.
Continuous knowledge updating of security guard services in Chennai & other Locations is done through monthly newsletter given to each and every security guard every month.

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